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ERTEL ALSOP 1.3X0.4 for sale POA

Water Treatment / Process Water / Cross Flow - Membrane

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Title ERTEL ALSOP 1.3X0.4
Price POA
Listing Type Used
Stock Number 20559
Refcode TA800885

Stainless Steel Horizontal filter. 2 Filters available.

1.5 inch Tri-Clamp Inlet/Outlet Fittings

Design pressure 800kpa, Design Temp up to 100degC

Filter area 2 m2

Average Flow 4 L/m2

A set of new filter cartridges available. XL Series Zetapak, Grade 16POY4M70316NS: 0.45micron, (High flow rate, positive electrical charge, and superior retention of ultrafine particles.)

The ErtelAlsop Horizontal filter housing provides all the benefits of traditional vertical filter housings with several added bonuses.

The horizontal orientation allows for single person operation, and eliminates the need for overhead hoists.

The unique ErtelAlsop Lock and Load System allows easy loading and unloading of Pak filter cartridges with the assistance of Teflon guides.

The enclosed design and horizontal orientation make this unit cost effective for most applications. It provides minimal product loss along with reduced labor requirements.

ErtelAlsops Horizontal Pak filter housing is the perfect technology to replace old leaky plate and frame filters in liquid processes.


2 Filters available, price per filter.

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